What is an Education, Health and Care Plan Needs Assessment?

This process is where the Local Authority (LA) seek information and advice from a range of different professionals regarding the child/young person’s (YP) needs, provision required and outcomes. LA’s are responsible for carrying out EHC needs assessments under the Children and Families Act 2014 and can’t delegate this to anyone else.

The needs assessment brings together information about:
What a child/YP can and cannot do
The special help they need

It includes information from:

  • The parent/carer
  • The child/YP
  • Their place of learning
  • Other professionals who work with or support the child/YP
  • Educational Psychologist

The assessment is to see if your child/YP may need an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP). An EHCP is a legal document written by the Local Authority. It describes the special educational needs that a child/YP has and the help that they will be given to meet them. It also includes the health and care needs related to education and the provision that is needed when it relates to the SEN. You can read more about EHCP’s in our booklet ‘An Overview of EHCP’.