A brief guide for parents/carers and young people.

This booklet does not apply to Independent Schools, city technology colleges, city colleges for the technology of the arts, sixth form colleges, 16-19 academies or 16-19 free schools.

Pupils can only be permanently excluded or suspended for:
• Disciplinary reasons
• If it would seriously harm their education or welfare, or
that of others, were they to remain at school

Pupils can be permanently excluded or suspended for their behaviour outside of school.

Only a Head Teacher can permanently exclude or suspend a

Pupils should not be permanently excluded or suspended
• Having a disability or special education need (SEN) that
the school feel they are unable to meet
• Not doing well with schoolwork
• Their gender, race, religion, or becoming pregnant
• Parent’s behaviour

If a pupil has SEN, school should be making sure they are providing appropriate and necessary SEN support to avoid the need for any suspension or permanent exclusion. If the pupil has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), an interim review should be held if they are at risk of being permanently excluded.

Suspension and Permanent Exclusion from Maintained Schools’ Statutory Guidance states:

“19. Early intervention to address underlying causes of disruptive behaviour should include an assessment of whether appropriate provision is in place to support any SEN or disability that a pupil may have. The head teacher should also consider the use of a multi-agency assessment for a pupil who demonstrates persistent disruptive behaviour.”

For the first 5 days of a suspension, the child must not be seen in a public place during the school day without good reason. You could be fined if you breach this duty.

Suspension and Permanent Exclusion should only be used as a last resort and only, where possible, when all other avenues have been exhausted.