Between Monday 2nd and Friday 6th March, Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) will carry out a joint inspection of the Norfolk area’s arrangements for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The inspection will consider how well the Norfolk area:

  • Identifies children and young people who have SEND
  • Assesses and meets the needs of children and young people who have SEND
  • Improves outcomes for children and young people with SEND

The Department for Education has some useful guidance for parents and carers on SEND Inspections, which can be found here:

It’s really important that parents, carers and young people in Norfolk have an opportunity to feed in their views to Ofsted and the CQC should they want to. There are a range of ways parents and carers can do this:

  1. Ofsted and CQC have set up an online webinar and this is available at any time from now to the end of the inspection. The webinar can be accessed from any device, computer, tablet or smart phone. The webinar runs for 30 minutes so you will need to allow yourself this time to complete it. The webinar can be accessed here:
  2. Should you have trouble accessing the Webinar, there is also an email address that parents and carers can use to send in views to Ofsted and the CQC. The email address is:
  3. Ofsted and CQC will also be holding a meeting for parents and carers. This meeting will take place on Tuesday 3rd March, 1.00-2.00pm at a venue the professional Development Centre (PDC), 144 Woodside Road, Norwich. 

Ofsted will be visiting selected educational settings throughout the County during the inspection. There will be an opportunity for parents/carers to give there views to the inspectors during these visits. Click the below link for more details.

If you still feel that none of these options are suitable for you to be able to give your views please contact us at Norfolk SEND Partnership.

We really hope that all parents and carers who wish to contribute to the inspection will do so. Ofsted and CQC are very interested in hearing from you.

CLICK Here to find out how you can have your say


We will keep you updated with any information. Please do share this news with anyone you know who has a child or young person O–25 with SEND.