For some children and young people (YP) with Special Educational Needs (SEN), the support they receive at nursery/school/college (SEN support) may not be enough and your child/YP may not make expected progress.

It may then be necessary to request a ‘Needs Assessment’ which may lead to an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

The views of parents/carers, children and YP are very important and will be included in the final EHCP. It is useful to focus on areas that educational settings or other professionals writing reports may not be aware of.

You can start by making a bullet point list of things as you think of them, this will give you a start for when you complete your views, wishes and aspirations. Remember that as parents/carers you can get used to your child/YP’s traits/quirks and make adjustments within your home/family, please remember to include these in your views.

This booklet is to be used as a guide; each child/YP will be different. It should be read in conjunction with booklet
‘Needs Assessment for Education, Health and Care Plan’.