Norfolk SEND Partnership - What you can expect from us 

Every Norfolk child and young person (age 0-25) with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and their parents and carers, are entitled to receive information, advice and support from Norfolk SEND Partnership (SENDIASS) which is provided:

  •           Free of charge
  •           Confidentially
  •           Impartially and
  •           At arm’s length of the Local Authority and other statutory organisations.

Being impartial and at arm’s length means that we don’t take sides. The advice we give is based on what the law says, not local policies and procedures.

The main purpose of the service is to support parents/carers, children and young people to understand their rights and empower them to have their views and wishes heard. We are not an advocacy service and as we are impartial, we do not favour either side or have influence over the outcome of any decisions


  • We accept self-referrals from parent/carers of children and young people with SEND and directly from young people
  • Other services can support young people and/or their parent/carers to make a referral to us
  • Other services can also contact us for general advice around SEND legislation and processes

Referrals to our service are easy, they can be made via

What we offer:

  • Information, advice and support will be provided via telephone through booked appointments with the advisers. The service will offer adjustments to this if necessary, such as video calls and use of translators. There is no limit to the number appointments a child, young person or parent/carer can have
  • Monthly advice clinics will take place in different parts of the county to offer pre-booked face to face appointments with an adviser. (these are currently on hold due to government guidance during the pandemic)
  • Information booklets on a variety of topics on the website and an audio version is also available. Hard copies of these are available on request
  • Casework support may be provided in some instances

What is casework support:

Casework support means that an adviser will do some direct work, over a period of time, with a child, young person or parent/carer to help them have their views and wishes heard and help to try and resolve any difficulties. This might involve attending meetings or supporting with filling in/understanding paperwork for example.

When the adviser begins the work, they will talk to the person they are supporting to decide what outcomes need to be achieved and what support they will be able to provide.

Who may be offered casework support:

  1. Children and young people aged up to 25 with special educational needs or disability who approach the service directly, and who require support to take part in processes where their views should be taken into account.
  2. Parents/carers who require additional support due to needs of their own
  3. Other situations as determined by and at the discretion of SENDIASS manager as warranting casework support

The case will be closed:

  1. When the agreed outcomes are achieved
  2. If the child, young person or parent/carer decide they no longer wish to have support from us
  3. If the child, young person or parent/carer is using another service to access information, advice and support around the same issue(s). 

What happens if help is needed again:

If a child, young person or parent/carer needs information, advice and support from the service again then they can self-refer as described above.